NIFT Situation Test 2020

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NIFT Situation Test 2020

The aspirants only who clear the first phase (written exam) are invited for the second phase (the situation test). Held only at various NIFT centers in India during the last week of April. Three times the number of seats (Candidates) clearing the first phase is asked to appear for the situation test. It is an opportunity that decides whether you are good enough to enter the hallowed portals or not, assessing the innovation ability of candidates. It is about making use of the materials which are provided to them at the time of the situation test. As per official data, around 22, 000 candidates take the NIFT entrance exam wherein a total of 2,370 seats are offered for admission. So, it carries considerable effort in gauging admission in NIFT. You need to pay meticulous attention to the NIFT situation test as well which is conducted only after clearing the written exam. Before proceeding with the details, let’s have a clear idea of.

What Nift situation test (NIFT situation test 2020) actually is and why it is conducted?

It is a two-hour examination conducted for testing the quality of Material Manipulation, Innovative Ideas, Aesthetic Appeal, Neatness, Conceptualization Skills, and Working Methodology. A student is required to create a three-dimensional model based on a specified topic or theme. After making the model, aspirants need to accompany the same with a write-up explaining the model construction. Both the model and the write up should be simple to understand, don’t make it messy. Also, the write up should only have 50-100 words with a suitable yet attractive caption. There are three days subsequently when the situation is conducted. You have to choose any one of the days as per your convenience and the exam will be piloted in all the centers of NIFT only. This test plays a very important role in the final selection as it contains 20% of the total weightage in the entire examination. Advantageously, there is no negative marking.

How to Prepare for 2020 situation test nift

If you are preparing at home make sure you practice a lot and get used too to the materials given in situation tests like an ivory sheet, cardboard, thermocol, glaze paper, plasticize clay, copper wire, etc. Research a lot on the internet practice all but different questions daily. And remember that write-up also plays a vital role. While you can also join a crash course for evaluation and correction. Your model will be evaluated on space visualization, innovative and creative use of given material. Additionally, the composition of elements, color scheme, construction skill, finesses of the model and overall presentation will also be appreciated. With write up explaining the concept behind the model constructed. Though you can find helpful materials on YouTube and on the Websites, but it will be better if you join a crash course in one of the coaching centers. So that you can have contact with the NIFT acquaintances and have active guidance on your preparation.

Things to remember for nift Situation test 2020:

  1. Time management.
  2. Material Handling.
  3. Usage of the material
  4. Concept and explanation. (Do not forget to write down the thought behind every the model you make during the practice. If the model is not impressive you get good marks for your refreshing concept that is only possible is your write-ups are self-explanatory and simple.)
  5. The aesthetics of your final model
Start with time management. Divide your time accordingly. Spend the first 15 minutes on deciding which question you are going to attempt after looking at the materials in the envelope. Once you select the question, do not waste time looking at what other candidates are doing. It builds anxiety and nervousness. And during the last 15 minutes, the pressure builds up. So, start writing down your concept on the sheet provided while using either a blue or a black pen instead of colored ones. Writing down your concept or explaining your model is most important even if your model remains incomplete or if you are unable to satisfy the jury artistically your explanation sheet will help you a lot. Keep the model simple, not big, durable, and attractive. Practice enough so that you do not freak out looking at the things. Try and use all the materials maybe not completely but at least a bit of everything. Make sure your model is durable. Even if the jury picks up your model to examine it should not break. Do not add extra things only for the sake of adding it. And so it is always better to join the crashing course as these things will not come into practice alone. Joining an institution will help you to explore more and more, there is less chance of missing any material. Beneficially you can check yourself through the mock tests that the institutions will conduct from time to time.

Tips for Top Score in 2020 nift Situation Test:

Bear in mind the following suggestions in order to turn the situation in your favor.
  1. Read the questions attentively and choose wisely among them
  2. Sketch out at least 3 final ideas. Choose something which you can easily work on, which you understand and on which you know you can give the best. Visualize how to make it in 3-D.
  3. Select the materials and colors appropriate for your theme. It is not necessary to use every single material given to you unless specified as such.
  4. Construct a stable and durable form. Your work may be assessed the next day or after a few hours so it should not break that easily yet being handy.
  5. The neatness of work is important. Cover the cardboard base neatly with paper. No raw edges of your work should be visible. Do not look casual in execution.
  6. Explain your work in precise words. No ornamental language, no praising your own skills. Make sure your handwriting, as well as your language, is legible and understandable at one glance. The invigilator does not have enough time to read your write-up twice.
  7. Remember, material handling is one of the most important tasks in the situation test and also at NIFT once after you gain admission.

More Details about the 2020 situation Test Nift:

You will be given a few materials in a packed cover and you will not be allowed to touch it before your time starts. You expect pleasant surprises but sometimes you receive setbacks. Be prepared. Avoid extreme reactions, stay calm and practice a lot so that your mind does not go blank. The materials usually have given are listed here. Papers, ice-cream sticks, straws, matchsticks, plastic cups, notice board pins, plastic balls, wire, thermocouple balls, cardboard, clay, etc. These are the basic items you get in the exam. Be flexible with the material and make it work. And some of the sample questions are with the materials provided for each are:


Q1. Create an indoor games room for a kindergarten/nursery. Q2. Design a cart for a disabled person. Q3. Create a Flower Vase with creative flowers on the theme “Storm”. Materials Provided: Fabric Al Wire Thermocol (9″ × 9″) Mount Board Ivory sheet Tracing paper Straws Needle & thread Colored sheets in 4 colors – blue, yellow, pink and red Cardboard (10″ ×10″) All pins Newspaper Corrugated sheet Thermocol balls  


Q1. Make a Dhaba keeping in mind the local culture. Q2. Make a badge for “save the environment” for the 22nd century. Q3. Make a bag for a doctor who is also a first-time mother. Materials Provided: Mountboard Thermocol Ivory sheet Fabric Thread White sheet Cardboard Gateway sheet Wire- 1 meter All pins Needle One packet of thermocol balls Pastel sheets in blue, red, yellow and black color  


Q1. Make a wind chime for a sailor’s home. Q2. Make a park bench for senior citizens that are inspired by nature. Q3. Show a kitchen according to the family’s lifestyle. Materials Provided: Fabric Al Wire Thermocol (9″ × 9″) Mount Board Ivory sheet Tracing paper Straws Needle & thread Colored sheets in 4 colors – blue, yellow, pink and red Cardboard (10″ ×10″) All pins Newspaper Corrugated sheet Thermocol balls  

At last:

  Focus on making shapes with paper, Practice simple origami, Log in to Pinterest and surf through thousands of DIY projects, Watch YouTube tutorials about craft making, Most importantly learn to observe things around you, the problems that surround you and how you can solve them with your design skills. Remember, you’re asked to present a model so make sure you answer the the question in a planned way. Go through the previous year’s questions and start making models. And let your work speak. The situation test literally tests your imagination and practicality as well. But at the same don’t overdo, keep it simple All The Best


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is the public institute of fashion design, management and technology education in India. It was established in 1986 in New Delhi under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, with curriculum and faculty support from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), in Manhattan, New York City. NIFT has since grown into 16 campuses nationwide. In 2006, NIFT was statutorily empowered to award degrees and other academic distinctions. NIFT offers four-year undergraduate, as well as two-year post-graduate, program in design, management, and technology. To secure admission in Bachelor of Design (B.Des) as well as Master of Design (M.Des) programs offered at NIFT, students need to take two written admission tests: the Creative Ability Test (CAT) and the General Ability Test (GAT). For technology and management programs—Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech), Master of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech) and Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)—aspirants need to qualify in national level entrance examination.

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