NID, Mushkil hai kya!

NID 2020

NID, Mushkil hai kya!

NID Mushkil hai …NID Bhari hai … Humse nahi hoga…..English hamara kamjor hai …NID me Drawing bahot hard hota hai…etc…all these thoughts come into our mind when we think about any of the competitive examination in designing field.

Why we burden our mind

Why these thoughts come to our mind? Why we are even scared of it? Do we really need to burden our mind with these thoughts?
Practically, there is nothing to get scared from these entrance examinations. We just need to focus on our studies, do lots of practice & try to improve all those things which we have been doing since our childhood. Create-Revise-Review and Repeat- All these should be our Mantra. One should use these tools very confidently. Focusing & observing the cycle of our daily lives are the utmost task during our preparation time.

Coaching v/s Self-study

It doesn’t matter, one is preparing at home by his/her own or taking help from any institution, one can crack the entrance very easily. There are lots of students who have cracked the entrance by their self-efforts only. They believed on their self-instincts and self-motivation. Also, there are different sections of students who lack this attitude and get phobic from these examinations.

Results beyond our expectations

The strangest thing happens when we learn about some particular students and we presume that these students will not qualify but beyond our expectations they crack the test. Similarly, some students do not qualify where we were very much assured about their success.

Well it’s because of an absurd fear created by different institutions in those students mind. For broadening and promoting their own study center, different institutions have shaped an absurd system of fear in the minds of students as well as guardians. When you are not completely prepared for the exam you find it difficult, isn’t it. So the difficulty of an exam depends on the preparation not on the rumors spreading. The question set comprises the same characteristics as that of any other entrance exam. There are no rocket science perplexities as molded by the different coaching centers. There are students who are not satisfied by these methods of these study centers and when asked by the same study centers they reply saying that students who are satisfied are their ultimate goals. It is very sorrowing to hear this kind of statement from a designated institute as for a teacher every student must matter. But subsequently as money is becoming the only goal in other fields so does in education.

Perceptions regarding Drawing

On the matter of drawing you don’t need to be an artist. Here drawing only plays a role of a medium through which you have to illustrate your ideas. You just need to learn the basics and to learn them expressing so that you can elaborate your ideas. Open your mind, relax and continue your preparation with self-confidence and passion.

What is NID?

The full form expands as National Institute of Design. An autonomous national institution entrusted with the “Institute of National Importance Act” by Parliament of India under the NID Act 2014. It was established in 1961 under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Holding a designation just like all the other INI colleges of India, it comes up with the two most demanding degrees in Designing Industry, B.Des. &; M.Des. along with PhD programmes. B.Des. a 4year programme offered in 8 disciplines at the Ahmedabad campus and M.Des a 2.5 year programme offered in 19 disciplines across all 3 campuses. The institute has 3 active campuses, Main Campus-Ahmedabad, Post Graduate Campus – Gandhinagar and the third one is R&D Campus – Bengaluru. Other three new NIDs were established by the Government of India in 2015 and later.

Design as a Career

The fashion industry is colorful and full of flavor, as it is centered on design and style that changes every season, and is repeatedly connected to cultural movements and social symbols. Working in the fashion industry is very glamorous. You never know when famous designers, celebrities, models and actors will make an appearance. However, meeting famous people and attending fashion shows and fancy industry events are a small part of a career in fashion. The career is so much more than the glossy photos that you see in magazines. Starting out in the fashion industry means earning typical starting salaries. That being said, you’ll still be surrounded by beautiful clothing, stylish people and the designers who made it all happen. Surviving in the fashion industry takes a strong person. The industry is perfect for determined people who like to be challenged, have a good attitude and aren’t afraid of working hard. This the only industry that is moving away from rigid job roles and moving towards employing people with many different skills who can take on a variety of tasks. These jobs are far more dynamic and multifaceted than they used to be, making the positions more interesting than before. Professionals are constantly working on what’s new. Therefore NID’s education is a combination of design in theory and practice, knowledge and skill.

Exam Pattern

The setup of NID holds a precise aim to sought out the raw & innovative minds of India and then to train and polish them to make them stand out individually in the Designing/Fashion Industry. The overall goal is to deepen the slogan “Unity in Diversity” through our culture, traditions, motifs, arts & crafts. So the entrance exam which is conducted all over India during the first-second week of January every year is to identify the capability of how far a student can think skillfully to solve daily life problems. There is no specific pattern for you to understand neither does the coaching’s can memories you with one. What exactly an institution needs to provide the students is strength in them, to ask different questions, to identify different problems and to find the corresponding solution on their own. On you being passionate about NID if any institution exclaims that NID is tuff ask them straight how they are going to teach if they find it tough from a student’s mouth. It all depends on our mindset, there is no need to indulge yourself in this absurd fear system, open your mind and believe that you can. The ones who qualify the exam are someone from us so when they can everyone can. The paper comprises of basic math, reasoning, English and Design aptitude test (DAT) which has to be completed within the allotted time of 3hrs.


Candidates who have passed or who will appear for Higher Secondary (10+2) qualifying examinations from any recognized board of education like CBSE / IB / ICSE in any stream or their equivalent (Science, Commerce, Arts etc.) during the academic year 2019-2020. Beside this no extra talent is required for qualifying the exam; it’s all about enhancing the wings of one’s creativity and applying it for a more simplified use of design. So the only aim students should have while preparing for the exam is to recognize and explore themselves,

Design is simple & is meant to simplify our life. Hence any student who is ardent about abridging the daily life glitches with their innovative ideas is eligible for the exam. Total seats on offered in B.Des programmes (including reserved categories) at all the NID campuses have increased from 100 to 125 seats for admissions 2020-21. Thus seats are less in number not the exam pattern is difficult. Everyone is talented but the only reason behind not qualifying the exam is the pointless fear formed in our minds.

So, All the Best…. Give your Best to Get the Best!

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