Last Minute Preparation Guidelines for NID!

Last Minute Preparation Guidelines for NID!

Don’t Doubt Yourself:

Now that the exam of NID is nearby, several thoughts definitely must be revolving around everyone’s mind. Among which the common and the scariest thought is “Is there anything missing in my preparation”. NO, there is nothing left for you to cover; you have been doing great so far, don’t worry too much. Practice daily which you have been studying up till now, do not miss your practice and thoroughly go through the basic. Your preparation is ample.

Important remainders:

There are just few things for you to summon up which will help you during the examination. Just some last minute tips that will boost your mindset as our mindset plays the main part.

Relax this is the most important task throughout this time. Eat, sleep and enjoy your day as usual. Watch some mind refreshing videos, go for a movie night with friends or spend some quality time with your family to keep your mind in fine fettle. Panic and phobia are totally illogical, be practical & stay focus and observant. You should be able to regulate your emotions and stay relaxed and focused at the same time.

The question paper:

Apart from testing your creativity, the questions are set as such to test that for how long a student can stay focused and to test your ability of solving the problems in three hours. So, don’t get overexcited when you see an easy question or don’t get too nervous if any question is out of your reach.

Start with reading the instructions properly. Do not be in a hurry. Your presence of mind is the key. Read with full attention and continue reading till you finally understand exactly what the question is asking you to answer. Sometimes the question is quite easy but the grammar used is twisted. This is done just to check the understanding level of the student and as said to check whether he/she is alert or not. There is this prominent rule of every exam that the answers lay within their questions. The ultimate aim is to check the mindsets of the students, to see how creative they can work under pressure and how promptly they can manage staying focused for such a long duration.

The Do’s:

After reading divide your time suitably and do not waste your time on the question you find tuff. For a while to solve the question which you confidently find easy not over-confidently. The whole idea about giving any competitive exam is to maximize your correct answers. It’s completely fine if you miss couple of objective questions; don’t let this thing make you nervous, be smart & active. Try attempting all the questions, which can only be done when you are in practice and then you divide the allotted time as per your ability in the examination.

While solving the paper your state of mind is very essential, you have to be your self-motivator. Students screw their entire answer sheet just because of a slight mistake or a single question. Here you need to act smart and have a good control on your emotions and be optimistic.

Beside this for your artwork, you have to be your own jury. Carefully review your artwork before sketching.

What are you going to draw? Is that totally connected with the question, is that what it is asking. Make sure it is not just any common idea. It should be relatable but not random. Your artwork should be self-explanatory and eye-catching. Then comes the write-up which should be enough strong and precise. Use simple but smart language, upgrade your vocabulary.

How are you going to draw? Don’t go for anything extra. Do as it is mentioned in the question. If it says to color then only use the color otherwise pay heed to another question. Use your time and skill wisely. Decide the orientation of the artwork. Do not leave any negative space. Innovatively place everything on the paper and if time is left add on to the things you wanted to.

And compulsorily wear a watch.

The Do Not’s;

Do not forget to carry the necessary equipment and do not carry anything unnecessary. Kindly follow all the rules and regulations mentioned in your admit card. Do not be habituated of waking up late, it will hurt on the examination day. Don’t rush into things, stay attentive throughout the exam. Leave your house early if the center is too far, do not take risk. Be smart not over smart.

Get comfortable and do not forget that you have been waiting for this day to come. So do not walk on the paths of ruining it. Let not any negativity takeover your ardency. If you start thinking negative things like “I am going to fail” or “I didn’t study enough” immediately stop your thoughts. Intentionally replace those negative thoughts with positive and encouraging ones. “I can do this and “I know what I am doing” are much better thoughts to be having. Strictly prohibiting jumping directly into the answer sheet with the very first thought that comes in your mind. Always remember the first thought is the commonest thought.

It’s better to get into the practice of above all mentioned instructions a few days earlier, say a week or two. Have sufficient amount of sleep before the exam and assemble your things one night before the exam. Aspirants need to remember that their preparation should have precision. Do not make things complicated, keep it easy and simple. Do not lose hope stay motivated and happy.


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