What is the National Design Test Series?

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What is the National Design Test Series?

‘DAD THINK LABS’ is India ’s first open Innovation and Design Think Lab. It enables the young and f resh mind t o connect with their – own ideas, r evise, rehearse and present it to the outer world. Fostering quality Design Education through inno vation and Design Thinking process in K12 Schools and Institutions.

On The objective of National Design Policy Government of India

Preparation of a platform for creative design development, design promotion and partnerships across many sectors, states and regions for integrating design with traditional and technological resources. Global positioning and branding of Indian designs and making “Designed in India” a byword for quality and utility in conjunction with “Made in India” and “Served in India”.

What do we offer to students?

Research & Development

India is fast emerging as a global R&D hub. DAD constantly keeps eye on global development in the field of design & gives significant opportunities to it’s students to explore further.

Sponsored Education

Wide community of DAD supports and sponsors the students who are commited to learn & explore their dimensions but financial distress do not let them to expand their wings.

Easy Pay Education

“Flexible Payment Terms through Easy Installments. Needy students can pay small sum of money at regular intervals over a period of time, rather paying the whole amount at once.”

Study Now Pay Later

DAD understands the value of time. If you are really unable to pay & you are fighting against time, you do not need to worry. Just deposit supportive documents & start learning. Pay when you start earning.

Earn While You Learn

DAD provides opportunities to students to earn while learning to meet their expenses. It exposes the students to the professional world before the actual employment through regular freelance assignments & events.

Online Education

Online electronically supported learning system for distant students (across the country) who can not attend regular classroom programmes. They can earn the learning from the comfort of their home.

What is the National Design Test Series?

Test series and examinations at regular intervals are important aspects of any competitive examination. They assess candidates’ abilities & complete the process of learning. Purpose of test series is to judge candidates’ potential and acquired knowledge. Test series therefore plays a key role in the journey of candidates’ success. Getting admission in NID, NIFT, and UCEED is a dream of every design aspirant. To achieve this dream, they need to be systematic & strategic. Candidates generally felt nervous during examination & lose their self-confidence. In order to fight this nervousness, through preparations for examination becomes mandatory & it can be integrated with the help of Test Series. Test Series consists of a bundle of simulated tests based on the current trend of actual examination. It comprises subject-wise and full syllabus tests that are designed for thorough coverage of the entire topics in a systematic way. DAD Test Series for NID, NIFT & UCEED entrance examinations, provides a platform for students to judge & analyze their performance. The Test Series includes Basic and Advanced level tests to enable concept building and improve performance. The test papers are designed considering previous exam papers and standard of the questions resembles the actual examination in all aspects, helping students to overcome their weaknesses, rectify errors and perform better.

Benefits of National Design Test Series

Tests given in the Test series are replicated test based on the pattern of last year’s exams; these tests helps student in judging their own potential before the actual exam. Following are some important benefits:
      • Provide Good Practice- It provides good amount of practice to students, which can help students in doing well in actual examination. Continuous practice through test series increases the speed of solving the problems and aids in improving the weaker subject areas of students.
      • Feel of Real Examination- These Test makes students familiar with real exam scenario i.e., duration and structure pattern of these test matches with the actual exam.
      • Assessing Learning Capability- The test series helps in knowing the learning capability of students and progress in their performance. Moreover, students can compare their performance with other candidates appearing for the same test.
      • Improve Speed- Test series also provides ample amount of practice to the student, hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically.
      • Boost Confidence- It aids in improving performance and boosting confidence in students. It helps in driving away their exam fear and anxiety
      • Better Time Management- With the help of test series students can get an idea to solve questions in stipulated time and they can continue the same strategy in actual exams also. Thus, Test Series also provides opportunity for selfimprovement and development.

Importance of National Design Test Series can be summarized as

      • Understanding proper Time Management.
      • Familiarizing and revising the concepts.
      • Familiarizing students with final exam environment.
      • Boosting self-confidence.
      • Proper analysis of students’ performance.
      • Can understand students’ weakness and strength.
      • Can rectify students’ mistakes at the time of final exams.
Well, these test series are gateway for better performance in actual exams, hence they should not be taken for granted. Following are quick tips for sailing through these tests.
      • Plan your study and chalk out a proper time table
      • Divide equal time slot for each subject or according to difficulty level of
      • subjects
      • Practice from sample and question papers and prepare quick revision notes
      • Get your doubts cleared in advance
      • Focus on concepts and thoroughly revise them beforehand
      • Study in groups and teach back the concepts to your group mates
      • Keep yourself calm, take proper rest and balanced diet
In a Nutshell, Test Series are designed with an objective to assess the acquired knowledge of students for their better performance in final exams. Hence students need to take these test series seriously for a better preparation in entrance examinations of NID, NIFT, and UCEED.
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